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This website was created to chronicled the adventures o Indonesian motorbike rider Jeffrey Polnaja and his Ride For Peace on a BMW R1150GS motorcycle. Beginning in the Indonesian capital Jakarta in 23 April 2006, after his ten-year-old son asked him why the world is in such a state of war, Polnaja's Ride For Peace was expected to eventually take him through more than 100 countries in all five continents. It actually turned out to be 97 countries in all five continents!

As it turned out, his adventure was in several stages with numerous interruptions along the way. The first stage of the ride took him fromJakarta Indonesia (2006) to eventually Berlin Germany (2008) via 72 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe among them Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco​.

In 2008 in November he returned to Indonesia to receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award", by Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) to the Indonesian automotive enthusiast.

In 2011 after publishing a book, Wind Rider, Polnaja returned to Europe with his motorcycle to continue his Ride for Peace. In 2012 starting from Paris, he made his way across Siberia, crossing to North America, traveling through Central America to finally reach South America, then onward to Australia and returning to Indonesia in 2015. He had traveled over 420,000 miles by the end of his journey.

According to Wikipedia the "Ride For Peace official website" is: However I found it inaccessible. As of 2016 the account has been suspended which is unfortunate since it chronicled his various stages through 2015 with great pictures.

I managed to see him in Vancouver, Canada, his 77th country on his amazing ride. It was in the fall, getting a bit chilly. After ‘Silver Line’  a Silver R1150GS Adventure 2020 motorbike arrived he was taking off for NYC. I put on one of my favorite Batman T shirts for the occassion, along with a Batman hoodie to stay warm. I had just found a great website that sold an amazing amount of Batman design clothing ranging from t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and hoodies to even work shirts. I was in Batman heaven with the site's treasure trove of clothing. Anyway, there was a bunch of us seeing JJ off, wishing him good luck, and offering advice about great places to see along his route. I certaining would have liked to have been riding part of the way with him, but that was not possible with school and all.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. Unfortunately there was not too much content so I supplemented it with additional images and Youtube video's to give some idea about his incredible journey. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent
Consider the information on this site for its historical value.


Ride for Peace Field Commander

Jeffrey ‘JJ’ Polnaja is a professional road captain. For him riding is a source of adventure whose spirit, running fluently in his blood, is as natural as his own breath. Since his first long riding trip on 1978 from his hometown Bandung to Bali, the Island of Paradise (around 3500 km), he has experienced a lot of solo riding adventures all around Indonesia, as well as other parts of Asia, and the United State. To share his riding experiences, he wrote many stories and articles about his motorcycle adventures for local magazines and newspapers.
Yet now, he plans to put his own career on hold and leave his lovely family and friends for what may be years in an attempt to share his feeling of BROTHERHOOD and PEACE to the world society.
His nickname ‘JJ’ is local slang for ‘Phantom of The Road’. Because of riding a motorcycle, it often occurs that all the barriers between people and cultures come down. Instantly he has many friends since the brotherhood of the bikers is universal. In this Ride For Peace, he wants to touch the hearts and minds of the societies of the world without the barriers of Race, Religion, Politic and any other discriminating factors. This Peace Ride dedicated to worldwide peace ……

Organizational Affiliations and Positions held:

Advisory Board Member with Bikers Brotherhood Bandung
Honorary member of Harley Owner Grup Jakarta Chapter Indonesia.
Advisory Board Member with BMW Motorcyclle Indonesia.
International Affairs Coordinator Volkswagen Club of Indonesia.
Advisory Board Member with Indonesian Vintage Car Enthusiasts.
Advisory Board Member with Volkswagen Club Bandung.
General Coordinator of Aerobik & Fitness Instructurs Association of Indonesia.


First Glider Pilot Wing 1978
1st Prizewinner - Santi Sutan Memorial Cup PORDASI - Dress and Jumping Horse Championship 1987
1st Prizewinner Horse Jumping HUT PORDA Pelita Jaya 1988
1st Prizewinner Obstacle Jumping Satria Kinayungan Anniversary Trophy 1989
Highest Score for Off Road Motorcycle Slalom at Manti La Sal, UTAH 1996
Highest Score for Horse Rodeo Games at Moab, UTAH 1996
Captain Marlboro Adventure Team in USA 1996

Motorcycle Adventures :

Trans Sumatera Solo Ride 1992 : Bandung - Jakarta - Lampung - Mount Kemuning - Krui - South Bukit Barisan National Park - Bengkulu - Kerinci Sibeulat National Park - Kayu Aro - Padang - Bukit Tinggi - Padang Sidempuan - Sibolga - Tarutung - Sidikalang - Tapak Tuan - Meulaboh - Calang - Banda Aceh - Sabang - Sigli - Bireuen - Lhok Seumawe - Langsa - Medan - Tebing Tinggi - Rantau Prapat - Duri - Rengat - Jambi - Palembang - Kayu Agung - Menggala - Bandar Lampung - Jakarta - Bandung. Performed alone riding a 1952 BMW R 51. Duration 1,5 months .

Trans Sulawesi Solo Tour 1992 : Ujung Pandang - Pare pare - Sidenreng - Palopo - Malili - D.Poso - Tentena - Poso - Palu - Donggala - Toli Toli - Limboto - Gorontalo - Manado - Tomohon - Tondano - Bitung. Riding alone on a 1952 BMW R51. Duration 1 month.

Tour in Indonesian Southeastern Regions 1995 : Bandung - Pangandaran - Yogyakarta - Malang - G. Bromo - Kalibaru - Glenmore and Banyuwangi in Java - Gilimanuk - Singaraja - G. Batur - Bangli - Klungkung - Padang Bai in Bali Island - Pelabuhan Lembar (Lombok Island) - Cakranegara - Mataram - Ampenan - Narmada - Selong - Labuhan Balat (Sumabawa Island) - Sumbawa Besar - Dompu - Bima - Sape - Labuan Bajo (Flores Island) - Ruteng - Maumere - returning to Bandung. The trip was made alone riding a 1952 BMW R 51 and took 3 weeks.

Trans Kalimantan (Borneo Island) Solo Tour for 2 weeks in 1997 : Pontianak - Singkawang (Indonesia) - Kuching (Malaysia) - Serian - Bandar Sri Aman - Sibu - Bintulu - Miri - Kuala Belait (Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam) - Liang River - Bandar Sri Begawan riding a BMW R-51.

Trans Sumatran Tour made in 1998 with Bikers from the Netherlands

Tour of Southeastern Provinces in 1999 with Jakarta Raya BMW Club riding a BMW R-25/2.

And a large number of other solo and group tours, far too many to mention.

YouTube Videos


Ride For Peace is a solo motorcycle riding around the World by Jeffrey Polnaja. He is the first Indonesian motorcyclist to ride 'Round the World. He has been visited 97 countries in all the five continents. He has crossed all LONGITUDES and LATTITUDES traveling over 420,000 KM. This map shows his route.


Published on Aug 14, 2014 Ride For Peace is solo motorcycle riding around the world by Indonesian rider, Jeffrey Polnaja. The journey started from Indonesia in April 23rd, 2006 and still ongoing. He has ridden crossed Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Central America and South America. He plans to visit Australia before go back home in 2015. This footage show a little part of his journey in North America. Wish you enjoy it ! Salam Jelajah !


Published on May 7, 2014
Ride For Peace is a continuous solo motorcycle riding 'Round the World' by Jeffrey Polnaja. This adventure journey dedicated for worldwide peace. This video shoted by NBC News on August 2013 at Georgia-USA, the 78th country that he has visited..... Salam Jelajah !!!


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